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 October 6 – 7


All games will be 1 hour and 30 minutes drop dead, no revert

10U & 12U 14U 16U 18U
Cancelled  Batbusters Gomes – Ching    Batbusters Gomes – TH    Batbusters Gomes – DG
 Batbusters Gomes – Brown NC Legends Millet Batbusters Gomes – TC
NC Legends -Rodinsky RR Gold  RR Gold
NC Blast – Reyes Mavericks FP Batbusters Gomes – JA
TC Smash NC Legends Ramos San Jose Sting-Joe
NC Tremors – Madrazo California Riptide Simon Suncats
California Riptide Pula Wolfpack Rios NC Legends Espinosa
Fresno Outlawz Oakdale Lady Rebels – Woolsey
Gavilan Buzz