Brackets Updated 10/5 @ 6 pm

All games will be @Lodi Sports Complex 401 N Stockton St, Lodi, CA 95240
Gate will open to teams @ 6:35am, @ 6:45am to parents/fans 

There will be no snack bar, so coolers w/drinks and food are allowed in the park.

Tournament Rules
1. Game Times Saturday 1 hour & 30 Drop Dead – Revert to last completed inning
          1a. Sunday 1 hour 30 – finish the inning (must have a winner)
                 ***  (Sunday Championship Game 1:45 Finish the inning) International tie breaker after time has expired
2. USSSA/USA ES Rules (up to 2 Additional Players (AP) allowed to bat) any 9 on defense
3. UIC decision final – no protests
4. Lineups due @ pre-game meeting all weekend
5. Home team is official scorebook
6. Umpire reports score to front table
7. Run Rules 10 after 5, 8 after 6, 1 after 7
8. Courtesy runners pitchers & catchers only (off bench if you have subs, last batted out if no subs)
9. Seeding = a. Points (10=win, 5=tie, 0=loss) b. Run Differential c. Runs Allowed d. runs scored e. coin flip
10. Game time is forfeit time